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Frequently Asked Questions 

Frequently Asked Questions 


Q: Can I watch my child during class?  

A:  Yes. Parents are welcome to observe any class at any time from our designated observation area.  


Q: What kind of clothing does my child need to wear?  

A: Girls should wear a leotard or leggings and a t -shirt.  Boys should wear sweat pant or shorts.  No buttons, belts or zippers are allowed.  


Q:  What if I want to drop from class? 

A:  We must receive notice by the 15th of the month prior to the month you want to drop.   


Q:  I don't think she/he should start in a beginner class. 

A:  Our coach will evaluate your child and make sure they are in the right class.


Q: How do I sign my child up for classes, after school or camp?  

A: Please contact our front office at 907-563-3330 or email at  We do all of our enrollment online.  


Q: Can my child make-up a miss classes?

A: Unfortunately,  we are not able to allow make-up classes. 


Q:  What if I think my child is ready to move up? 

A: Our coaches will evaluate your child and let you know when they are ready to move up. 

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